Just Nice Things

Following is an email exchange between this author and a customer (I removed the customer's name and email info):


Dear Elena:

Thank you for your email and nice memories.  Indeed Fred left the store what must have been 15 years ago.  He was suffering from ill health and I believe he moved out of Mexico City.  Did you know he was writing a Nahuatl/Spanish dictionary?  I tried to get him to publish it, but he was reluctant.  Unfortunately we lost track of Fred, and I have no idea how to find out anything about him even though I have tried. 

We also lost Hetty Una, our long-time manager, book lover, and good friend.  She loved her customers!!

Thank you for your kind memories and for supporting our store.



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Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2014 3:13 AM
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Libros Libros Libros Mexico






Libros-Libros had the most delightful knowledgeable gentelman, named Fred, who worked for years at our favorite bookstore: LibrosLibros. His wife was Mexican. Last I heard, he had moved (or been "moved")to somewhere in provincia due to bad health. Is he still alive, do you have any information on him, please? The lady at front desk (can't recall her name just now) who has been with you for years filled me in on this fact. And not heard from him in ...years? Ah, you mention "missing classmates". Could we refer to him as a missing wonderful collaborator? He was such a dear and an incredible source of support in obtaining great books for us. Best wishes. Let us know if you know...about dear Fred.