DF and Playa del Carmen Rentals

(Updated October 29, 2015.  See below for Kimberly Richmond's SUPER Playa del Carmen apartment).

What a wonderful byproduct of this website:  Besides getting back in touch with my former across the street neighbors in Lomas Hipodormo (the hell-raising Kim, Snooky, and Gary Richmond), I just found out that Snooky has a rental apartment on Rio Guadalquivir 77.  So why the heck have I been staying in depressing hotel rooms rather than renting from him - which I am doing this week?  The ONLY downside is that it is upstairs from brother Gary's Curryer candy store, and it takes all my will-power to walk past.  OKOK, I am not always succesful at walking past without buying 100 gramos of truffles.  (Gary, your chocolate is great!)

Added October 29, 2015:  Snooky's daughter Kimberly just listed her Playa del Carmen HEREGet outta my way!  I'm gonna be the first to rent it!  Check out that infinity pool!!

The apartment is SMASHING - large, light, immaculately clean, comfortable, and quiet.  It has two bedrooms, large living room with giant cable TV, internet, kitchen with modern appliances, dining area, and lovely interior decoration.  Who woulda guess that guy who used to race around on motocicletas has an artistic eye?

Anyway, here are a couple of photos I took, and when he sends me more I will put them up.  You can get in touch with him through the profiles section, Jack Richmond, or flatandbreakfast@gmail.com or from the US +52 1 55 5406 5890.